I made a videos!

So I decided to put all my footage from Japan together into a bit of a video. Why you would want to watch four minutes of me, my motorbike, and occasionally both at once I have no idea. But I’ll leave it here just in case.

The last scene is a little embarrassing: turns out parking a fully loaded bike sideways on a hill isn’t a great idea. Pro tip guys, you heard it here first.



3 thoughts on “I made a videos!

  1. Great chuoice of music, love Of Monsters and Men.
    How about some B52s, roam would be a nice fit.

  2. О, как у меня утром болела голова, БУХАТЬ – плохо.Патрик, желаю тебе хорошей дороги, в России говорят : “Ни гвоздя, ни жезла” Удачи.

  3. Finally going through some of these older posts (gotta love unexpected free time). I’m glad you went to the effort to film your recovery efforts!

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